Embroidered Nothings
embroidery floss, ~3x3 in


Allis Chair
Tudor Rose surrounded by gold ivy and framed with timbers of the Allis-Chalmers 1911 Factory.
Donation to the Charles Allis Museum
hand-embroidered linen slip, 9x9 in
St. Agnes
hand-embroidered linen slip on leather ground, 7x7 in

50,000 stitches
hand-embroidery on linen, stitched into the artist's bomber jacket, 35x7 in

Pink Rose
hand-embroidery on paper, 8x8 in

hand-embroidery on paper, 3x3 in

Roses for Bryn
hand-embroidery on paper, 2x2 in

hand-embroidery on paper, 2x2 in

Blue House
hand-embroidery floss on paper, 3x5 in

Pleasant Ridge Reserve raw cow's milk cheese
hand-embroidery + acryla gouache on canvas, 6x6 in

Mother's Day
hand-embroidery on cardstock, 4x4 in

"On The Road", by Jack Kerouac
hand-embroidery on cloth, 22x9.5 in

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