1953 Ford Tractor
enamel on steel, 16x7 in

Once Upon A Time
acrylic on wood, 30x5 in

oil on canvas, 30x40 in

oil on canvas, 30x40 in

St. Hedwig
oil on birch, gold leaf, 12x30 in

oil on pine, silver leaf, 15 in round

St Ursula
oil on birch, gold leaf, 12x30 in

St Lucy
oil on pine, silver leaf, 15 in round

Sarah (life painting)
oil on canvas, 20x20 in

Tallegio (Italy), Reblochon (France), Reade's Farmhouse Cheddar (Scotland),
Lancashire (England), Morbier (France), Trade Lake Cedar (Wisconsin)
oil on cedar veneer, gold-leaf, 16x20 in

oil on birch, 36x36 in

 Selles-Sur-Cher chèvre
Acryla gouache on canvas, 6x6 in

gouache on yupo, digital color, 24x36 in

Style Boards
gouache, digital

The 1950's Kitchen
The Mad Scientist
Old Tucson
The Diamond T

Running Solo
gouache, acrylic ink on illustration board, 6x6 in

Charlotte Perriand Swivel Chair, 1928
oil, 8x8 in

China Plates
gouache on yupo, 12 x 12 in.

Milwaukee Art Museum
oil, 45x 30in

German friends
oil on carved birch plywood, 22x36 in

Life Paintings
oil, 18x22 in

graphite, charcoal, acrylic, oil, 24x34 in

oil on masonite, 30x24 in
oil, 14x14 in

Los Angeles Zoo
 oil on birch, 2x 12x20 in

John Singer Saragent "A Street in Venice" 1882, master copy
acrylic,13x20 in

oil, 11x13 in

Death and Life, Gustav Klimt master-copy (1910-11) 
oil, 33x33 in

Caravaggio, Sleeping Cupid (1608), master-copy
oil, 36x30 in

Still life
oil, 16x20 in

oil on paper, 14x16 in

East LA
oil on canvas, 30x40 in

oil on paper, 30x20 in

oil on masonite and canvas, 16x20 in, 8x8 in

oil on paper, 15x20 in

Egon Schiele, Town Among Greenery (1912), master-copy
oil on paper, 24x24 in

Parker (life painting)
oil on paper, 15x22 in

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